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This page is no longer being upadted. It strictly serves an archival purpose

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Library Hall of Fame - Special Collections & DNS

Recognition in the Scout Report

Image of Individuals Involved in Annexation Project

     The Special Collections Department at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa and the Desktop Network Services have recently been recognized in the Scout Report. Published continuously since 1994, the Scout Report is one of the Internet's oldest and most respected publications. The February 21, 2003 -- Volume 9, Number 6 issue carries the following information:

The Annexation of Hawaii: A Collection of Documents

     While the annexation of Hawaii by the United States occurred on August 12, 1898, the subject held the attention of the US government for several years, and was fiercely debated in Congress and back on the islands themselves, with many claiming that the annexation was solely to benefit the financial interests of Sanford B. Dole, the legendary "Sugar King." To their credit, the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Special Collections department has done a nice job of digitizing a number of primary documents related to the annexation of Hawaii, subsequently placing them on this site for the general public. The collection currently includes the massive Blount Report, dealing with the affairs of the islands; the Hawaii Organic Act; transcriptions of the congressional debates on the Organic Act; and anti-annexation protest documents, including hand-written letters by Queen Liliuokalani to Sanford B. Dole, President William McKinley, and others.

     Under the direction of Martha Chantiny, Dore Minatodani, Joan Hori, and Noenoe Silva, the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Special Collections and DNS departments have digitized a number of primary documents related to the annexation of Hawai. They have twice received grant funding from the Student Equity, Excellence, and Diversity office (total amount $5,500) and Hawai'i Committee for the Humanities ($2,200). Please visit the The Annexation Of Hawaii: A Collection Of Documents Website. From there you can view the following collections of documents:      The Scout Report is the flagship publication of the Internet Scout Project. Published every Friday both on the web and by email, it provides a fast, convenient way to stay informed of valuable resources on the Internet. A team of professional librarians and subject matter experts select, research, and annotate each resource.

     The Internet Scout Project is located in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

     In addition please refer to the article entitled "Annexation Documents Posted Online" published in the Honolulu Advertiser on May 26, 2003.

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