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This page is no longer being upadted. It strictly serves an archival purpose

The Hall of Fame

 John Awakuni
 Tokiko Bazzell
 Erica Chang
 Ellen Chapman
 Lynn Davis
 Fiscal Department
 Gregg Geary
 Kyle Hamada
 Randy Burke Hensley
 Nancy Morris
 Karen Peacock
 Patricia Polansky
 Special Coll. & DNS
 Chieko Tachihata
  Paul Wermager
 Jan Zastrow

Library Hall of Fame - Paul Wermager

Paul Wermager: Co-Investigator in POI Grant

Image of Paul Wermager


     Paul Wermager is the head of the Science and Technology Reference Department at UH Library. He has a broad background in the health care field, having worked as a Registered Pharmacist and an intensive care Registered Nurse for many years before becoming a librarian. He is currently working on a chapter dealing with health in Hawaii to be published by the University of Hawaii Press next year.

POI Grant:

     The National Library of Medicine's Internet Access to Digital Libraries Grant funded the POI (Pathways to Online Information) Project for $132,500. The purpose of POI is to provide a single web-accessible portal by which biomedical researchers, students, faculty, and practitioners can search the relevant digital resources available from the two organizations with major biomedical holdings in the State: University of Hawaii at Manoa Library (UHM Library) and Hawaii Medical Library (HML). Currently, patrons have great difficulty in knowing what digital resources are available to them, and from where.

     A broad state-wide consortium of organizations has been created to provide for publicity of the product, link-sharing, web accessibility, and training of users. The broader consortium includes the core partnership (UHM Library, HML and JABSOM), large and small community-based health systems, nursing and public health organizations. This project will impact biomedical research and health care throughout the State of Hawaii, including rural, multiethnic and underserved communities.

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