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This page is no longer being upadted. It strictly serves an archival purpose

The Hall of Fame

 John Awakuni
 Tokiko Bazzell
 Erica Chang
 Ellen Chapman
 Lynn Davis
  Fiscal Department
 Gregg Geary
 Kyle Hamada
 Randy Burke Hensley
 Nancy Morris
 Karen Peacock
 Patricia Polansky
 Special Coll. & DNS
 Chieko Tachihata
 Paul Wermager
 Jan Zastrow

Library Hall of Fame - Fiscal Department

Fiscal Department Earns UH Nomination for 2005 Team Excellence Award of Merit

Photograph of Fiscal Department

UH Nomination for 2005 Team Excellence Award of Merit:
     UH Manoa Libraries nominate the Fiscal department for the Excellence Award because of their outstanding work and significant contributions furthering the library's mission to acquire and make unique research materials accessible to scholars. They have demonstrated creativity in achieving cost savings and accomplishing complex financial transactions on behalf of the library's special collections. Their herculean efforts during the flood recovery process (which will last years!) are an inspiration to all and yet demonstrate the standard dedication and service which they apply at all times. The nomination was forwarded to the Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) and will now be among the other State Department TEAM nominees.

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