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This page is no longer being upadted. It strictly serves an archival purpose

The Hall of Fame

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Library Hall of Fame - Ellen Chapman

Ellen Chapman: Certified Archivist

Image of Ellen Chapman


     Ellen received her BA at the University of New Mexico. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in public health in Brazil and then earned her MA in American Studies and her MLS at the University of Hawaii.

     From 1970-1997 Ellen worked as a Humanities and Social Sciences reference librarian at Hamilton Library. In 1984/85 she was a USIA Library Fellow in India and the Philippines and in 1988/89 she taught library science and English at Beijing Foreign Studies University as part of a BFSU/UH-SLIS exchange program.

     Since 1997 to the present, Ellen has been working as the Archivist for the Senator Spark M. Matsunaga Papers at Hamilton Library. She is also volunteering at the Charlot Collection for 10 hours a week while the curator is on extended leave.

     In 1997 she took a 3-day introductory archives workshop at the annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists. In 1998 she took the 2-week Modern Archives Institute course at the National Archives. Finally, she became a Certified Archivist after accumulating the required experience, studying books on the reading list, and passing the exam.

     On top of all this, Ellen is a free-lance researcher, editor, and indexer of books and newspapers. She is also an artist, working in digital drawings and 3-D constructions at the moment.

Certified Archivist:

     Ellen Chapman, UHM's Archivist for the Spark Matsunaga Papers, recently passed the rigorous exam for membership in the Academy of Certified Archivists, making her the newest Certified Archivist in the state.

     Ellen credits Nancy Morris, who encouraged her to do this when she first started on the Matsunaga papers and Jan Zastrow, who shared her experience and supported her studying.

Congratulations, Ellen!

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