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Policy for Exhibits | University of Hawaii at Manoa Library

Charges from the University Librarian

The Exhibits Committee consists of seven members appointed by University Librarian. Each member serves for two years, and a half of membership rotates off annually in November.

The charge of the Exhibits Committee is to coordinate and to facilitate displays in Hamilton and Sinclair Libraries. The Committee is not explicitly responsible for mounting exhibits.

The Exhibits Committee is responsible for coordinating and facilitating short-term or temporary displays mounted anywhere in the library regardless of format.

Policy on Library Exhibits

  1. The purpose of providing exhibits in the Hamilton and Sinclair Library exhibit areas is to:

    1. Publicize the resources of the UH Library.
    2. Inform users about available library services and facilities.
    3. Display materials on themes or events of interest to the community.
    4. Publicize the resources of the University and its various organizations.
    5. Department cases in Asia Collection, Map and Government Documents, Science and Technology, Special Collection, and Sinclair Library are used at the discretion of the departments.

  2. Scope of exhibits

    1. All exhibits must be related to Library services and/or collections. Exhibitors may work with library staff to integrate information about Library services and/or collections in the exhibit or make reference to them with bibliographies, signage, handouts, etc.
    2. The desirable characteristics of effective exhibits are professional-looking displays with well-thought out themes, relevant materials, and aesthetic appeal.
    3. Exhibits of cultural or scientific importance to the community at large are encouraged.
    4. Exhibits of a commercial nature (e.g. to solicit business or profit oriented), recruitment efforts, and exhibits of a similar type are not accepted.
    5. The Committee will seek out librarians to mount exhibits relating to significant local and regional events (e.g. 100th anniversary of Korean immigration to the United States)
    6. The Committee will inform departments of scheduled exhibits in general library cases and encourage them to mount related exhibits.

  3. Implementation
    1. The Head of Sinclair is the Exhibits Coordinator for Sinclair and the Head of Public Services is the Exhibit Coordinator for Hamilton Library.
    2. The Committee keeps a schedule of library exhibits and maintains a log of all proposed exhibits.
    3. Before setting a date for display, the committee determines if the content of display relates to a particular collection to the library and, if so, contacts the appropriate Department Head of the collection. The Department Head may then suggest times for setting up the display.
    4. A representative of committee works with the exhibitor, and has authority to suggest changes to improve clarity of an exhibit and enforce the policy. The burden of fulfilling the requirements of the library exhibit is solely the responsibility of the exhibitor. Library staff may assist at their option.
    5. Where there are substantive questions/problems regarding a proposed exhibit, the Library makes the final decision and conveys that decision to the coordinator and exhibitor.
    6. Duration of an exhibit is to be determined by the committee.

  4. The only Library-approved means of displaying pictures, posters and other visual materials on the walls of Hamilton Library are either by hanging from the pre-existing wall-mounted tracks, using fishing line or wire attached directly to the material to be hung; or by affixing to the walls using museum-grade putty (aka UHU-TAC). Fishing line, s-hooks (for use in wall-mounted tracks) and museum-grade putty will be provided by the Exhibits Committee. All other hanging materials (pins, nails, screws, two-sided tape, self-adhesive hooks and etc.) damage the library walls and are expressly prohibited.

  5. Each exhibitor will submit or perform the following to the Committee prior to approval:
    1. Title/Theme on a prominent sign
    2. A brief description as part of the exhibit
    3. Suggested titles of books/printed materials to be used
    4. Reference to or integration of information about library services and/or collections (optional)
    5. Person or group responsible for the exhibit
    6. Phone, fax, email, and office address of person responsible for exhibit
    7. Consult with Preservation Department and follow its instructions for damage-free exhibition.

  6. The "Request to Display in Library" form will be completed by the person or group proposing the exhibit, approved by the committee and filed. Exhibit space is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. This form is available from the Library Administration office, Hamilton Library 111 and from the Circulation Counter of Sinclair Library.

  7. The Library will do its best to maintain proper security for loaned materials during the exhibit, but there must be a clear understanding that the library cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the materials. The "Request to Display" form includes a waiver to this effect, which must be signed by the person lending materials to the Library.

Effected 2003

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University Librarian

The Library Exhibit Committee
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