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2007 Hawaiian & Pacific Department Exibits

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Center for Pacific Islands Studies

The Center For Pacific Islands Studies, in the University of Hawai'i at Manoa School of Pacific and Asian Studies, is both an academic department and a larger home for initiatives that bring together people and resources to promote an understanding of the Pacific Islands and issues of concern to Pacific Islanders.

Center for Pacific Islands Studies
Center for Pacific Islands Studies

Summer Reading: Who Dun Its Mystery Novels of Hawai'i

Want some fun reading ideas for the summer -- to read at the beach, relax on the lanai, under the cool shade of a tree? On display are a sampling of the "who dun it", mystery novels which take place in Hawai´i. On exhibit during the month of July in the Special Collections Reading Room, Hamilton Library, 5th floor.

Myster Novels in Hawaii
Myster Novels in Hawaii

DON HO: We Still Remember You

Special Collections Reading Room, Hamilton Library, 5th floor, June 2007

cover from one of Don Ho's songbooks

Special Collections pays tribute to the icon, the legend, the star, the man that has brought Hawai'i to the world. Check out our display of song books, articles, news and the music of one of Hawai'i's most memorable and loved local boy.

From the first story in the premiere issue (v.1 n.1) of Aloha magazine (January 1978) DON HO by Jeannette Paulson:

What is the allure of the man whom tourist have crowned the most famous star of the 50th state? What does he do on that stage that brings him so much fame and fortune. He must be doing something right.

He's packing them in to his two shows nightly, with sell-out crowds of about 550. That's over 300,000 a year who come to watch Don Ho "do his thing."

Don Ho newspaper article
cover art from Don Ho CD's

more articles on Don Ho
pic of the whole display on don ho in special collections department

From The Honolulu Advertiser (April 2007) Legendary Crooner Brought Islands to the World by Dave Koga:

Said entertainer Danny Kaleikini: "Don brought Hawai'i to the world."

For many tourists, Ho had become a vacation constant. "I've met people who have come to Hawai'i 40 times and they've seen him every time," said comedian Andy Bumatai, who performed in Ho's last show.

In some ways, Ho's success defied logic. A self-taught musician who paid his dues at Honey's, a Kane'ohe bar owned by his parents, "he would be the first to admit he might not be the most talented one in the room," Bumatai said.

And yet ...

"I'd take people to Duke's to see him and after a couple of minutes, they'd say, 'What's with this guy? He can barely sing. He mumbles. Let's get the hell out of here,'" said Eddie Sherman, the former columnist. "I'd say, 'Just wait a while,' and two hours later they're standing there telling me this is the best show they've ever seen. "That was the mystery. He had a unique gift. He was able to reach people in a way few others could do."

Strippers in Hawaii

Selected comic STRIPS and comic books in the Hawaiian Collection about Hawaii and/or by Hawaii artists Every Sunday morning, we reach for the newspaper and we flip to the comics (come on and admit that you all do this, too). Comics (or, less commonly, sequential art) is a form of visual art consisting of images which are commonly combined with text, often in the form of speech balloons or image captions. Originally used to illustrate caricatures and to entertain through the use of amusing and trivial stories, it has by now evolved into a literary medium with many subgenres. [from Wikipedia] Check out our selection of comics on display in the Special Collections Reading Room until the end of May 2007.

veronica in hawaii cover art

page from comic pidgen to da max
cover art from dragon comic

exhibit banner

Reports of War and (Peace): Melanesia and the Pacific Press

During the latter portion of the 20th century and through the present day, various Pacific regions have been shaken by war and social unrest, most of which continues to be ignored by European and American media outlets. Not so in the Pacific, where a very active news media has covered these conflicts extensively.

newspaper article
another newspaper article
Happy Isles in Crisis

In conjunction with "Paradise Lost and Saved: Wartime Photographs of the South Pacific," (currently on exhibit in Hamilton Library's Bridge and Phase II galleries), Hamilton Library's Special Collections reading room is displaying "Reports of War (and Peace): Melanesia and the Pacific Press," which draws from the Pacific Collection's extensive regional news media holdings, as well as from various post-conflict analyses published in the Pacific and elsewhere. Display runs through February 2007.

picture of exhibit

Wish You Were Here: Postcard Souvenirs from Hawaii and the Pacific

Vintage to modern, wildlife and sightseeing, hula to surfing, royalty to sugar cane workers. A colorful display of postcard collections/books in the Hamilton Hawaiian and Pacific Collection. On display until the end of January 2007.

part of postcard display in Hawaii Pacific section
postcard of Old Hawaii
first section of display
old fijian postcard

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