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2004 Hawaiian & Pacific Department Exibits

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The Festival of Pacific Arts

Through July 2004
Special Collections, Fifth Floor, Hamilton Library

Every four years, the peoples of the Pacific come together in a welcoming and social gathering to share & appreciate one another's culture. This year the artists, craftsmen, musicians, and dancers will assemble on Palau from July 22-31 for the 9th Festival of Pacific Arts/Festival des Arts du Pacifique. With the theme "Oltobed a Malt: Nuture, Regenerate, Celebrate", the Festival will be showcasing all forms of artistic expression and culture from traditional to contemporary. The 9th Festival is organized by the Belau Organizing Committee, under the auspices of the Council of Pacific Arts, The Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Poster Art Poster Art

Advertising the Upcoming Festival Advertising the Upcoming Festival

Tourism in Hawaii

Through June 2004
Special Collections, Fifth Floor, Hamilton Library

This exhibit in Special Collections is on tourism in Hawaii and contains a variety of historical visitor literature.

Hawaiian and Pacific New Books

Through May 2004
Special Collections, Fifth Floor, Hamilton Library

A sampling of recent publications on Hawai'i and the Pacific Islands, this exhibit covers a wide range of topics, as illustrated by titles such as "Kahana: How the Land Was Lost," "Trial of the Cannibal Dog," and "Sea of Glory." The display also notes the arrival of "Pacific Places, Pacific Histories" a new volume from UH Press honoring Dr. Robert Kiste, retired director of the Center for Pacific Islands Studies and announces the forthcoming CPIS Pacific Islands Monograph, "Colonial Dis-Ease: US Navy Health Policies and the Chamorro of Guam, 1898-1941," by Chamorro scholar and UH graduate Dr. Anne P. Hattori.

A World of Necklaces A World of Necklaces

Money Makes You Crazy Money Makes You Crazy


Figuring out what's a safe level of mercury in seafood and still protecting the ocean's ecosystem

Through April 2004
Special Collections, Fifth Floor, Hamilton Library

This display solves the mystery behind which seafoods are safe to eat and which seafoods are best to catch (not always the same thing). Plus, see lots of beautiful fish posters, marine life books and recipe books to help you fix it up right. Don't forget to grab a handout with our very own "Fish Scale" (list of stuff that's good 4 you and bad 4 me).

A Seafood Cookbook A Seafood Cookbook

Other Fish to Consider Other Fish to Consider

Coloring a RAINBOW: a selection of coloring books in the Hawaiian Collection

Through March 2004
Special Collections, Fifth Floor, Hamilton Library

This is just a small selection out of the 100+ coloring books in the library. Come and choose a page from our coloring book, color it and post it on our display board!

Coloring Book Children Playing

An Array of Hawaiian Coloring Books A Selection of Coloring Books

Legendary Lovers

Through February, 2004
Special Collections, Fifth Floor, Hamilton Library

"Legendary Lovers" honors Valentine's Day with examples of Pacific Islands legends of love and loss in Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Come and learn about these stories, such as the one depicted in this carving.

Year of the Monkey

An Exhibit of Chinese Horoscopes

Through January, 2004
Special Collections, Fifth Floor, Hamilton Library

"Discover the Animal That Hides in Your Heart!" Read your Chinese horoscope for the Year of the Monkey and view an array of zodiac figures and literature about Chinese New Year in Hawai'i.

Year of the Monkey

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