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2007 Elevator Exhibits

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Charters of the University

September 2007 - December 2007

The Centennial of the University of Hawai´i provides the occasion for the University Archives to honor some of the outstanding achievements of the University as documented in the Archives. In the lobby of Phase II the exhibit features the basic charters of the University.

In the left case is a copy of Act 24 of the 1907 Territorial Legislature of Hawai´i creating a "college of agriculture and mechanical arts" as part of the national Land Grant system of colleges focusing on the teaching of agriculture and related sciences.

In the right case is a copy of Act 203 of the 1919 Legislature of the Territory of Hawai´i elevating the College of Hawai´i to the University of Hawai´i, with two constituent colleges, the College of Applied Sciences (the former college of agriculture) and the new College of Arts and Sciences. The act further authorized the Board of Regents to expand into whatever fields it felt appropriate to provide a thorough liberal arts education to the youth of Hawai´i.

The progress from College of Agriculture to University did not occur in a vacuum. Mr. William Kwai Fong Yap, realizing the need for a university in Hawai´i, circulated a petition requesting the legislature to act on this need. His petition, with approximately 400 signatures, is on the wall behind the cases. As a tribute to Mr. William Kwai Fong Yap for his work in the establishment of the University of Hawai´i, we display images of some of his family members in the center case.

image of the exhibit
Yap Family
first home of the College of Hawaii

us flag 100 Years of Federal Government in Hawaii exhibit banner hawaii state flag

May 2007 - June 2007

When the University of Hawai´i was established in 1907, it was automatically designated a depository for federal government documents, as were other land grant colleges, by a law enacted March 1, 1907. Federal depository libraries maintain collections of federal government information. This exhibit highlights federal government involvement in Hawai´i over the past 100 years and features government documents and maps from the Library's collections.

from gov doc collection - race in hawaii
from gov doc collection - President eisenhower signing statehood papers
from gov doc collection - Dec. 7, 1941: the air force story
from gov doc collection - then president nixon with apollo 13 crew

This display was created by the staff of the Government Documents & Maps Department:
Dave Bowman, Alice Kim, Karen Brown, Salim Mohammed, Lydia d´Addario, Gwen Sinclair, Carol Hasegawa, Mabel Suzuki, Lori Horiuchi, Ross Togashi, Clara Inouye.

Islamic Culture banner

Islamic Cultures In Reflection: A Southeast Asia Photograph Exhibition

March 2007 - April 2007

Organized by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The theme of the exhibit is "to visually and substantially address the cultural diversity of Islam in the region."

"The geography of Islam and its diverse heritage is evident in nearly every country of the region from East Timor to Vietnam."


The mosque is the most recognizable images of Islam. But the photos of different mosques in this collection reflect the diverse cultures that make up the area.

kids panning to the camera

People, ceremonies, and rituals

Like the architecture, the people, culture and ceremonies are again a merging of Islamic practice and a regions culture. A wedding is a good example. There are reat photos of weddings and the accompanying events that show how the Southeast Asian have accomodated Islamic traditions and customs into regional culture.

Twenty percent of the world's Muslim population lives in Southeast Asia. "The diversity of Islam, which is often lost in media and political circules, is captured most poeticlaly in the individuals themselves. The interaction between culture and religion unfolds differently in diffferent places. Despite the diversity, the photographs in the exhibit share a common humanity, and a commoneveryday experience: boys and girls going to school; teachers smiling; an elaborate wedding; and young women enjoying free time together at an amusement park."

Come and share and rare an exciting glimpse of Islamic life in Southeast Asia.

women dancing at a wedding
men dancing ina village setting
man and boy at prayer in a mosque
pic of exhibit

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