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2006 Elevator Exhibits

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Invaded Islands


The exhibit contains a selection of educational and research posters and publications on invasive species in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. The exhibit highlights some current research by University of Hawaii at Manoa faculty on prevention and control of invasive species.

Special thanks to everyone who loaned posters and donated brochures (and luggage tags!) for "Invaded Islands":

  • Christy Martin, CGAPS - Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species
  • Sam Kahng - Department of Oceanography
  • Celia Smith - Botany Department
  • Rachel Neville - Oahu Invasive Species Committee
  • Rob Cowie and Penny Levin - Center for Conservation Research and Training
  • Miles Hakoda - College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
  • Amanda Demopoulos - Hawaii Sea Grant (now at Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
  • Konrad Englberger - Plant Protection Service Micronesia Office, Secretariat of the Pacific Community

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Man'yo Exhibit, New Leaves from the Man'yoshu: Exhibit of Paintings and Ceramics

by Yasumasa Suzuki and Seiran Suzuki

The Man'yoshu (Collection of ten thousand leaves), is the oldest existing and one of the most highly revered collections of Japanese poetry. The poems invoke the soul of the people of ancient times and they show their special connection to the things of this world, their beauty and meaning. Some of these poems are attributed to the influences of intercultural exchanges between Korea, China and Japan.

The artists, Yasumasa and Seiran Suzuki have reinterpreted these poems and have created a vast collection of bold and modern Japanese-style artwork that bring the beautiful poems to life. Please come and enjoy this inspiring exhibition. In conjunction with the exhibit, Man'yo books from the Asia Collection of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library will be displayed in the Bridge Gallery.

The exhibit was originally planned two years ago for March 2005. It was canceled after the Flood Disaster. Thanks to the efforts of the Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu, Center for Japanese Studies, Mr. & Mrs. Suzuki and the Library Exhibits Committee, here in the Spring March 2006, we can enjoy the art works by Mr. & Mrs. Suzuki from Japan and books on Man'yo from Hamilton Library.

Special thanks to Kim Mews (mail room), Lynette Teruya (LIS Asia Coll Dept intern), and Masashi Shimonao (Japan Collection assistant, LIS student).

In conjunction with this exhibit, the Center for Japanese Studies will offer a seminar at 3:00 pm on March 9 (Room 319, Moore Hall). This will be a rare opportunity to learn about these ancient poems.

Also, there is a mini lecture about the Man'yoshu at 5:00 pm, the Auditorium of the Center for Korean Studies, Friday, March 3 (Girl's Day), followed by the artists' led gallery tour at Hamilton Library (6-7 pm). You will discover the beautiful Man'yo world and close relationships among China, Korea and Japan in the ancient times.

Texts in Old Japanese: Language and Culture—A Man'yōshū Symposium

Professor Alexander Vovin, of the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department, will lead a symposium featuring presentations on Nara-period culture, religion, philology and linguistics that will help us better understand the world in which the Man'yōshū was created.

Date: March 9, 2006
Time: 3:00-5:00
Place: Tokioka Room (Moore 319)
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Turning the Page 2006: Artists Book Exhibition

January 18, 2006 - February 27, 2006

The "Artists' Book Exhibition," an exhibit of artist's books by members and friends of the Honolulu Printmakers, is on display in Hamilton Library's Bridge Exhibition space and in the display cases near the main elevators on the first floor.

Contemporary artists' books have derived from the tradition of bookbinding. Text and imagery in artist's books are produced in various ways: through drawing, painting, collage, photography, and printmaking processes: including lithography, intaglio, relief and serigraphy, or even through manipulation by xerox or computer. Artist's books may be "one of a kind" or small editions. A book's structure may use traditional binding or it may have an exposed, decorative binding. It may be a soft spined book which forms a "star" when completely opened, a folded "maze" book made from a single sheet of paper, or even individual "pages" which are kept in a unique container.

For more information please call 536-5507 or email

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