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Department Exhibits for 2012

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Asia Collection

Ilocandia: A Photographic Odyssey, A Tribute to the First Filipino Migrants to Hawai`i

10/21/13 - 11/30/13
1st and 4th floors of Hamilton Library

Ilocandia is a remarkable photo exhibit by photojournalist David Leprozo, Jr. and his son Kristian Leprozo from the Philippines in honor of Filipino-American (Fil-Am) History Month.  The photographs were all taken on Luzon island in the North where Baguio city is located, which is the sister city of Honolulu.  It is also the area from where the first Filipino immigrants to Hawaii came.  The exhibit was coordinated by Council Member Joey Manahan and the Philippine Studies Librarian Elena Clariza.


Asian Cinema: Librarians' Pix

10/17/13 - 11/30/13

Movie posters and books relating to cinema across Asia, selected by the Asia Collection librarians, are on display in the 4th floor Asia Collection Reading Room. Selected Hawai`i International Film Festival flyers are also on display.

asian cinema


Parasols over Asia: From Sunshade to Status Symbol

02/16/13 - 06/28/13

In Asia, as well as parts of the West, parasols have evolved from simple sunshades to status symbols for royal and religious leaders. For example, in Southeast Asia, increasing tiers of parasols represent royal hierarchical rank. All across Asia, the Buddha is represented iconographically by one or more parasols in paintings and sculpture.

The topic for this exhibit was inspired images of parasols and umbrellas marking the most important political figures in the Asia Collectionʼs 1671 and 1710 hand-painted scrolls depicting Ryukyuan (Okinawan) tribute processions to Edo (Tokyo). The scrolls were exhibited, in full, in connection with an international symposium “Interpreting Parades and Processions of Edo Japan” at UHM in February 2013.

The exhibit includes Asia Collection books about parasols and processions and images of parasols from ARTstor, one of Hamilton Libraryʼs subscription digital databases. The exhibit was designed by Linda Laurence (Asia Collection Library Technician).


Appreciation for assistance with the exhibit goes to the following people: Tokiko Bazell (Japan Studies Librarian); Joel Fernando at Campus Center Graphics; Etsuko Chopey (Asia Collection Technician); and Robert Pantoca (Asia Collection Student Assistant).

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