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These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours.
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2016 Asia Collection Exhibits

These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours. For more information on the Asia Collection, see

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Masks of Asia

November 2016
4th floor of Hamilton Library

Masks of Asia showcases various materials in the collection that elaborate how masks function in Asian countries. Made from wood, clay, papier-mache, and other materials, such as animal hair and paint, masks have the power to heal (shamans), entertain (theatrical performances), and inform (cultural practices, rites and rituals, etc.), among other purposes. This display has been mounted in ways to complement the display of Japanese Kyogen masks in the Lobby Display Case in the Library on the 1st Floor (October 27-November 18).

The exhibit will remain in the collection for the month of November.

Items that circulate in this display may be checked out. Please ask at the Reference Desk during service hours: M-F 10am-4pm.

Masks Masks

Recognizing and Celebrating National Coming Out Day, October 11 - LGBTQI

October 2016 - Asia Reading Room
4th floor of Hamilton Library

The Asia Collection Librarians have set up a new display in the Reading Room titled, “Recognizing and Celebrating National Coming Out Day, October 11 – LGBTQI.”

In Asian countries, sexuality and gender have long and complex histories of practices that are not easily mapped onto western thinking and practices related to same-sex relationships, transgender and intersex individuals and communities, such as the Hijras (India), and Bugis of South Sulawesi who have five genders: Bissu—supra gender, oroane—male, makkunrai—female, calalai—trans-male, calabai—trans-female (Indonesia). LGBTQI movements have, however, been strategic in Asia to rally around human and equal rights for LGBTQI individuals and communities. This display showcases materials in the Asia Collection that have LGBTQI content.

LGBTQI display


September-November 2016 - 4th floor of Hamilton Library

In the nineteenth century, immigrants from many lands came to Hawaii and left their mark upon the islands. Equally relevant but less known are the stories of native Hawaiians who carried their culture to foreign shores. One such group of pioneers settled the uninhabited Bonin Islands (Ogasawara Guntō) in 1830, where they transplanted Hawaiian customs, language, and technology. Their island colony, situated in the remote waters of the western Pacific roughly midway between Japan and the Marianas, became a well-known stop for whalers seeking fresh supplies as well as respite from the sea. The comings and goings of people over the years affected the Bonin colony’s makeup as did Japanese annexation in 1875. Despite the dramatic political and demographic changes that befell the archipelago in the late nineteenth century, some of its Hawaiian roots endure. Descendants of the original settlers still live there today.

Mahalo to Dr. Hanae Kramer (Assistant Professor, School of Communications) and Scott Kramer for putting this display together.

Bonin Islands

Welcome to Asia Collection

Fall 2016 - 4th floor of Hamilton Library

The Asia Collection librarians have prepared a Welcome to the Asia Collection Display that showcases various aspects of each area as follows:

  • China -- Selected a couple of rare items held only at this Library and a recent acquisition (copy of the book jacket used for display -- item is yet to be processed), and photos of the Great Wall and rooftops in the city of Beijing.
  • Japan -- Highlights the many special collections, such as the Kajiyama and Takazawa, and the visual materials that have been digitized and available online, such as the lantern slides.
  • Korea -- Focuses on a serial, Koreana, that is published in various Asian languages with images of popular culture references to Shoju and Korean Fried Chicken, which is a big hit in China (the Colonel could learn something).
  • Philippines -- Makes a strong connection to the Pacific with a couple of volumes on a community that has a long tradition of tattooing -- Kalinga.
  • Okinawa -- Chose a couple of volumes on Okinawan art and politics.
  • Russian Northeast Asia -- Displays the multi-volume bibliography Russian Publications in the Asia-Pacific Region, authored by Librarian Pat Polansky and Amir Khisamutdinov, and other materials related to Russians in China.
  • South Asia -- Promotes the digital photo collections of Gandhi and the Post-Independence era (1950s), and books related to borders and nation-building in the region.
  • Southeast Asia -- Presents perspectives on gender and LGBTQ communities from various countries in the area, including Singapore.

We are very grateful to Andrea Nakamura for her help in designing a lovely welcoming poster for the exhibit. Please come up and check it out.

Welcome to Asia collage

Railway Connections in the Far East

February-March 2016 - 4th floor of Hamilton Library

Housed in the Asia Collection at UH Hamilton Library, this display covers the TransSiberian, Chinese Eastern, and South Manchurian Railways. Included are materials from the Russian Northeast Asia Collection.

Railway Connections in the Far East

Jewish Diaspora in Asian Countries

January-February 2016 - 4th floor of Hamilton Library

The Asia Collection at UH Hamilton Library, in concert with the Confucius Institute and the Center for Chinese Studies, presents a collection of reading materials concerning the Jewish Diaspora across Asia. This exhibit hopes to spark a parallel conversation with the current display in the Sunny Alcove of Hamilton Library, Jewish Refugees in Shanghai.

The worldwide Jewish population numbers approximately 13.3 million, with about 63% (8.35 million) of that making up the Diaspora. Statistics for Jewish populations in Asia often include the populations in South America, Africa, and Australia, totaling about 5%.

The Jewish Diaspora in Asian Countries exhibit can be found on the 4th floor of Hamilton Library, in the Asia Collection.

Jewish Diaspora in Asian Countries

Mahalo to Pahole Sookkasikhon, a PhD student in American Studies and a student employee in Asia Collection, for mounting the display.

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