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These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours.
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2015 Asia Exhibits

These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours. For more information on the Asia Collection, see

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North Korean Children's Book Collection

June-September, 2015 - 4th floor of Hamilton Library

The Korea Collection at Hamilton Library has a significant number of North Korea-related titles, currently holding over 2,500 titles related to North Korean subject matters, including English-language material. Among these, we also have over 150 children’s books published in North Korea. Among these North Korean children’s picture books, it is easy to see that books share many common themes. There is the heroic and nationalistic youth, who tattles on the South Korean or American spy and receives praise for his actions. There is the message of comradeship and stepping forward together for Kim Il Sung at the conclusion of many of these books. Yet there are also books which serve as children’s encyclopedias or which tell traditional fables. All of these books are unique in their artistic style and narrative structure. They show different aspects of North Korean culture as depicted for young children to understand and absorb. We hope many library users can enjoy this rare opportunity to check out what North Korean children's books are really like.

Presented by Jude Yang, Korea Studies Librarian, and Rachel Lee, Student Assistant to the Korea Studies Librarian.

品茗留香 (Ping ming liu xiang): Tea, Art of Tea, China

February-April, 2015 - 4th floor of Hamilton Library

China has a long history with tea. According to legend, the discovery of tea plants was credited to Shennong (literally "Divine Farmer"), who experimented with many hundreds of herbs. In the third and fourth centuries, tea plants had been widely cultivated in China, thus tea drinking became popular, and gradually this habit of drinking tea spread to nomads living north and west of China. In the Tang dynasty (618–907 AD), the art of Chinese tea came into being. Since then, the custom of preparing and drinking tea has been an essential part of daily and social lives of Chinese people; making and enjoying fine tea has frequently appeared in literati's works. This exhibition of texts, illustrations and books selected from the library’s China Collection hopes to give you a glimpse into the world of Chinese tea and its distinctive tea culture.

Presented by Dongyun Ni, Chinese Studies Librarian, and Lulu Feng, Student Assistant to the Chinese Studies Librarian.

Tea, Art of Tea, China

Top left: 茶经 (The Classic of Tea)
Top right: Tea in art
Middle: Chinese tea and tea making
Bottom left: Appreciation of Yixing teapots
Bottom right: Chinese tea trade

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