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These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours.
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2012 Asia Exhibits

These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours. For more information on the Asia Collection, see

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By the Water: Three Towns in India (North, West, & South)

September 21, 2012 - December 14, 2012

This 3rd floor Asia Collection mini-exhibit features three photographs each for three towns in India -- Rishikesh (in the foothills of the Himalayas), Pushkar (in Rajasthan), and Tiruvaiyaru (in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu) -- showing the water associated with the place; a pathway; and a selected image of interest for each town. The photos were taken by Linda Laurence, Asia Collection technician, on her first trip to India, in November 2009.

The exhibit also includes a map of India showing the location of these towns and small photos of where she lodged in each. Two sculptures from central or western India, donated to Hamilton Library by Indru and Gulab Watumull in 2011, flank and define this newly created mini-exhibit space. Our appreciation is extended to them.


ARTstor Is More Than Art: Images for Asian Studies

September 12, 2012 - October 17, 2012

The UH Manoa Library subscribes to ARTstor, a vast digital image library with 1.4+ million images from over 250 contributing institutions (museums, photographic archives, university digital collections, etc.) around the world.

With over 30 color pictures from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, South Asia and Southeast Asia, this exhibit illustrates that images can be found for almost every discipline in arts and humanities, social sciences, and some natural sciences, not just art.

Included in the exhibit are:  a hands-on dedicated computer with a brief tutorial and access for exploring ARTstor; two display cases focusing on:  Copyright (uses that do and don't require permission), Citing images, and ARTstor's $1500 travel award competition information; and a billboard posting currently scheduled training workshops for students, faculty, and staff.

The exhibit was designed by Linda Laurence (Asia Collection technician) and Kanako Iwase (Visual Resources Librarian, Dept. of Art and Art History).


Appreciation goes out to the following people: The library's Desktop Network Services, especially Eric Wu, for the dedicated computer; Emily Morihara at Campus Center Graphics for handling our orders for color printouts; Etsuko Chopey for ideas and input; and ARTstor for providing colorful bookmarks.

Afghanistan: Displays of Photos and Books

April 18, 2012 - June 29, 2012

The Asia Collection currently features several photographic series’ and an exhibit of books about Afghanistan.

On the 4th floor is a display titled “Grace and Dignity: An Afghan Photo Essay,” that consists of 20 black and white photographs--portraits and landscapes--taken by Dr. James Weir (Director, Muslim Societies of Asia and the Pacific—MSAP) and edited by Lorenzo Rinelli. This series was taken in 2005 when Dr. Weir traveled the countryside of northwestern Afghanistan collecting life stories for his dissertation. The images, according to Dr. Weir, “convey the grace, reliance and dignity of many Afghans, amidst a harsh landscape and an even harsher political history.” This is accompanied by an exhibit of books, titled “Everyday and Ordinary Afghanistan,” that are recent acquisitions of the Asia Collection, selected and organized by Philip Whitford, LIS Intern in the Asia Collection. To accompany the exhibit of books, Philip created a guide to those resources. On the 3rd floor is a selection of photographs titled “In and Around Kabul, Afghanistan,” taken in 2011, by Paul Rausch, Associate Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

These displays present recent images of Afghanistan that highlight people and places. They aim to counter the media images of the U.S. military presence in that country and to educate viewers by providing a different perspective. The displays were funded by the Library Administration and James Weir (Director of MSAP), coordinated by Monica Ghosh (South Asia Librarian) and mounted with the assistance of Teri Skillman (Library Events Coordinator), Etsuko Chopey (Library Technician), and Linda Laurence (Library Technician).


Circle of Performers:  Randai Theatre of West Sumatra

January 19, 2012 - April 9, 2012

Randai is a rare theatre form of dance-drama that originated among the matrilineal Minangkabau ethnic group of West Sumatra.  This dynamic form of folk theatre includes unique features such as a circle of martial arts "silat" dancers; pants-slapping percussion; as well as traditional acting, singing, and music.

The exhibit provides background for Kennedy Theatre's "in-the-round" production of The Genteel Sabai, February 3-12th.  Photographs on exhibit include:  the two visiting randai masters, Musra Dahrizal and Jasrial Jamaluddin; the director Dr. Kirstin Pauka, professor of Asian and cross-cultural theatre at UHM; and student actors and dancers who have undergone six months of intensive training for the performance.  Also on exhibit are pieces of costume clothing and Asia Collection books and journals relating to silat martial arts, randai theatre, and the Minangkabau people.


This exhibit was created by Asia Collection technician Linda Laurence with Rohayati Paseng, Southeast Asia librarian and randai production cast member. Dr. Kirstin Pauka and Kennedy Theatre publicity staff provided the costume pieces, images, and the poster. Assistance was also received from technician Etsuko Chopey and student assistant Justin Tao.

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