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These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours.
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2011 Asia Exhibits

These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours. For more information on the Asia Collection, see

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Hangŭl, Korean Alphabet

Hangŭl is the writing system that King Sejong the Great created in 1444 (the 12th lunar month of 1443) and is still used by Koreans today. People around the world have taken great pains to create writing systems in order to express their language, but never before had a new writing system been so purposefully created and adopted for official use by a nation.

In 1997, UNESCO acknowledged the unique value of Hangŭl by including the Hunminjŏngŭm (lit. The Correct/Proper Sounds for the Instruction of the People) manuscript in its 'Memory of the World' Register. The fact that Korea has one of the highest literacy rates in the world is due to Hangŭl’s scientific structure, which makes it easy for anyone to learn. In particular, this remarkable ease of understanding has enabled Hangŭl to serve as a driving force behind the development of Korean culture, which has become even more evident in today’s digital age.

The exhibit includes Copies of King Sejong the Great's preface in Hunminjŏngŭm, a sample of reprints of books printed in Hangŭl during the 15th~16th centuries. In addition, there is a display of resources for studying Korean language, including old Korean language text books and other Korean language reference resources. There are magnetic Korean alphabets on the whiteboard on the side that you can use to experience how the Korean alphabet system works.


Philippine Komiks: Creating and Reflecting Filipino Sensibilities

July 5, 2011 - September 30, 2011

An exhibit by the UHM Office of Multicultural Student Services, Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawaii and Hamilton Library-Asia Collection.

What is it 'to be Filipino'? One point for understanding these questions is to examine how Filipinos express themselves -- to themselves. This exhibit explores the formal constructs of komiks and how they communicate through their structural features. From the earliest known komiks created by Philippine national hero, Jose P. Rizal, to contemporary variations of the superwoman Darna, Filipino notions of time, place, personhood and hierarchy are created and reflected. By examining komiks within the Philippine context, as an activity of objectified reflection, this project will attempt to present a more generalized approach to understanding the comics phenomena that continually captives our society. The exhibit is funded, in part, by the Hawaii Council for the Humanities.


Destination Asia! Guidebooks For Travel

February 24, 2011 - March 31, 2011

Whether you are planning to study abroad in Asia or to visit as a tourist, the Asia Collection has numerous country and city guidebooks that might be useful for planning a trip.

In addition to guidebooks, this exhibit features books on famous Asian hotels, health resorts, trekking, hiking, etc. Our area librarians can assist you with finding additional resources for traveling to China, Japan, Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines. Bon Voyage!


This exhibit was created by Asia Collection technician Linda Laurence, with assistance from Southeast Asia Librarian Rohayati Paseng and Student Assistant Justin Tao.

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