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These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours.
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2006 Asia Exhibits

These exhibits are available for viewing during normal library hours. For more information on the Asia Collection, see

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Japanese Cuisine: Tradition and Modern Adaptations

Through December 2006
Asia Collection, Fourth floor, Hamilton Library

When many Americans think of Japanese food, they think sushi. But Japanese cuisine encompasses so much more with an ever-present emphasis on freshness, seasonality and texture. Also of utmost importance is aesthetic appeal, which extends to implements, utensils and the packaging of food.

This display offers a small glimpse into the wonderful world of Japanese cuisine, focusing on some of its traditional foods and implements, its modern counterparts and international influences. Japanese cuisine is not static and continues to incorporate ingredients and techniques from other cuisines that make the food oishii (delicious)!!!

cooking utensils & rice pot
old Japanese food book
Japanese food book

The Traditional Costumes of the Ethnic Minorities of China

May 2006
Asia Collection, Fourth floor, Hamilton Library

Come and explore the traditional costumes of the ethnic minorities of China at the Asia Collection Display during the month of May. Asia Collection Intern Josephine Tam, with the help of Chinese ethnic minority students, has created this showcase.

There are 56 official ethnic groups in China. The largest group, the Han, makes up over 92% of China's population. As the Han culture flourishes and becomes what is often considered the "Chinese culture," the other Chinese ethnic minority groups continue to maintain their own traditions and customs.

This display provides only a glimpse of the Chinese cultures. We hope it will encourage people to explore the dazzling world of China's ethnic minority groups.

exhibit photo
exhibit photo
exhibit photo

Ryu-ka: Poems from Okinawa

April 2006
Asia Collection, Fourth floor, Hamilton Library

Please come and learn about Ryuka: poems from Okinawa at the Asia Collection Display for April. Lynette Teruya, LIS Intern at the Asia Collection Department, has created the display of this wonderful form of art. Lynette describes:

While many people are familiar with the Japanese haiku poems, not many have ever heard of ryu-ka, poetry unique to Okinawa. However, many have seen performances of ryu-ka, as it is the foundation of Okinawan performing arts.

Ryu-ka is the voice of the people of the past as well as of the people living in the present. It is still being composed today, even by some people here in Hawaii and in places as far away as South America.

This display is a simple introduction to ryu-ka, with the hope of getting more people interested in it. Explore a little ryu-ka!

photo of exhibit
photo of exhibit1
photo of exhibit2
photo of exhibit3
photo of exhibit4

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