UH Affiliated User

An affiliated UH user is an individual who has received a temporary (e.g. visiting scholar) or long-term (e.g. employee, faculty, research associate) University of Hawaii user name and password which enables access to UH service such as UH Google Mail[https://mail.google.com/a/hawaii.edu] or UH User Account Management [https://www.hawaii.edu/username] with the same name/password. If you cannot login to any UH service, you may check the status of your username by filling out an online form [https://myuh.hawaii.edu:8888/sessionid=nobody/am-sso-check-status] or by contacting the ITS Help Desk Telephone: Oahu - (808) 956-8883; Toll Free from Hawaii Neighbor Islands - (800) 558-2669; Email: help@hawaii.edu.